Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gatecard Thanks!

About two weeks ago I received my Scor-pal, but just had a chance to open it two days ago. Wow!!! How did I function without it? I've scored everything I could find in my craft room and told my sons they'd better not come in unless they wanted permanent lines somewhere on their bodies. This is my first gate card! I'll try and edit this and leave more details later. Thank you for looking!

I'mmmmm Baaaccckkkkk! Did Ya Miss Me?

Well, it's been a really long time since I've posted anything. My new job as manager of Christopher and Banks in Glenwood is going great. The hours have been crazy and will continue to be so until I find an assistant manager and sales supervisor, but "all things come to those who wait." We'll see... Anyway, since I last posted, I've had a 50th birthday and it was FABULOUS!! We had a dance at the Glenwood Community Center and had so many people stop by. I received over 6 dozen roses, champagne, wine and so many balloons that my husband had to drive a separate car over just to get them home. Fifty is great - at least so far!

I'm hoping that I'm back on the blog "wagon" and can post more often. I've made a bunch of cards and done a lot of scrapbooking, so keep your eyes open! Thank you for your patience and I'll talk soon!