Monday, July 14, 2008

On Vacation - Gone to pick up our boys from camp!

We just arrived in Corpus Christi yesterday. On Friday afternoon we left Rifle to pick up our boys in Hunt, Texas. Our start was much later than planned due, in part, to a rock getting lodged between the caliper and brake pad on my car. I panicked and went straight to the Ford dealership. They had me taken care of and out the door in two hours. We drove to Trinidad, Colorado the first night and were back on the road at 6:30 Saturday morning. I promised our boys that we would be at their campfire service at 8:30. Weeeellllll....... in order to do that, I drove the distance. My husband just closed his eyes and hung on. I think I "averaged" 90 miles per hour. If my husband had been driving we'd still be on our way to camp. Many years ago, while I was in college, my friends nicknamed me "Mario". Probably not something to brag about, but we made it to the campfire. Then yesterday we attended the closing ceremonies and came on down to Corpus to see my mom and dad. We were quite exhausted but Nana and Papa were tickled to see the boys. We'll spend a week in Corpus and then make the long trek back to Rifle. I brought a few cards, my camera and my laptop and will try and post a few things later today. Sorry that I've been absent so long. I'll make it up to you all. Have a great day! Lesly


Mary Dawn said...

i've been wonderin' where you were! thanks for the update

Rochelle W said...

Have a great time.
Rochelle SBS10